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Find out how our web design agency can build or transform a website that meets worldwide standards and represents your business in a whole new way. We offer comprehensive web design solutions from the Gold Coast, Australia, to clients around the world.

Why it’s important to invest in a website

Professional Web Design and Development

The website design and marketing industry is expanding fast. As more companies realise how powerful their websites can be to their business, and how modern and powerful sites are becoming, can you afford not to keep up with international trends? Your website is your biggest online asset, and getting left behind can be costly. Find out how you can maximise yours.

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Why use wordpress for websites ?

WordPress Customisation Design and Development

The WordPress platform powers over a third of the internet, meaning that 1 in every 3 sites you visit is likely using this type of platform. There is a good reason for this, it’s very versatile, highly customisable and is constantly growing, not only in its core but also with its plug-ins and themes. It also makes SEO optimisation very easy, which is good for search engines like Google, and it makes updating and adding content (products and posts/pages) by owners easy too. This makes it very future-proof and doesn’t tie you to the designer who originally created it. This means large scale redesigns are not as complicated as they could be and are quicker and more affordable.

how we can tranform your website

Bespoke Custom Website Design and Development

Due to WordPress’s already mentioned features, we can transform your existing site into something more suited to your specific needs, or more importantly, your users’ needs. Your site might have started out serving only one purpose, but now it needs to fulfill many, like adding a shopping cart, a blog, a database, streaming video, allowing for subscribers and members, etc. We can customise WordPress for:

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Web Design and Development

Growing Your Website With Your Business

There is frequently the need for your website to grow with you and your business. All things change over time, and the internet is the fastest place in the world for change. Making your site larger for SEO reasons, ensuring it works on mobile, integrating with your social media, or just adding a CMS that enables you to add content yourself, all of this is achievable with our experienced WordPress development team.

Every Aspect Covered

With over 50% of searches worldwide (and rising) coming from users with mobile devices, having a modern, responsive website is essential. A responsive design ensures visitors will have a positive experience and maximise your conversion rate.

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Great Reputation

Established Since 2011

Fresh Digital has been firmly established for 14 years in the APAC Digital Marketing arena. During this time, we have grown considerably. We attribute this to continually providing our clients with quality websites in a timely manner, in addition to our excellent project management skills and clear communication, which allows our clients to stay up-to-date with our progress every step of the way.

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Efficient Development Cycles

A Four Step Process

We have a simple 4-step process that will give you proven positive results. We are confident our website design process will enable us to turn your dreams and visions into reality in a seamless and efficient manner.

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Quality Designs

Sites that look good need to work as well

From brochure websites to eCommerce and everything in between, we can produce stunning and functional user-friendly designs both you and your target audience will love.

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Affordable Packages

Invest in your own business

We have a clear-cut pricing structure detailing various packages suited to individuals and businesses of all sizes.

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Outstanding Customer Support

Face to Face, Phone or Email

We know how important it is for clients to be able to get in touch with us when and how they want, so our doors are always open during normal business hours. For some clients, a phone call might be more convenient, so this option is always available. Yet, at other times, an email is more suitable; we do reply to emails usually straight away or first thing in the morning. Contact Us

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In-house Team of Developers and Designers

Working together to create synergy

Nurturing our developers and designers in-house means that we can share our visions and ideas with each other in real life and in real time. We believe the best results are achieved when all team members participate and have a sense of ownership and pride in the results produced. Our web design and development family is continually growing.

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Innovative Website Design Solutions

Providing responsive and innovative web design solutions on the Gold Coast with clients in Queensland. For more information about how we can revitalise your online presence with any of our Digital Marketing Services contact 1300 720 265

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